Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Girl, Challenge thyself...

Okay, so this week is already off to a bang since Saturday, June 30th. Why? Because I made a final leap into the unknown by moving the majority of my stuff out of J's apartment, over a year after we first broke up and I moved out. It was a gradual process, emotionally as well as physically. I am grateful that he was kind enough to allow me to keep my things there as long as he did, but I knew it was growing on him, the fact that my soul and body had departed, and all he had to look at every day were various castings.

I certainly did a lot of avoiding of the issue, but it was eating me up inside too. Part of me wanted to test if we were just going through a separation phase, and that I would be moving back in soon, with all of the issues behind us, but the issues still have not been addressed in a constructive way. No great transformations were made together, so it was time for me to step out of the cocoon.

So I am officially a Brooklynite now.... which ironically, was what I set out to be when I was first looking to move out from Mom's seven years ago.

At lushTongue, my singing sister O asked me if I planned this transition for the midway of the year. Not really, but at the same time, there was definitely something pushing me to "get something done" by this time 2012.  This HAS to be a year of reckoning and revival... I'm 30!

And enter MA's invitation yesterday, Happy Black Woman's 31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge!

Alright, I will give it a shot....

The move is 98% done... and the sale/giveaway to occur by this weekend!

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