Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 18: My Self-Care Plan

I have done variations of this for as long as I have been an adult. As a perpetual and frantic listmaker, I sometimes wondered if this was what I was reduced to in times of personal stress. I worried that I would never "really write" again. I could probably publish some novelty book that would end up on a shelf at Urban Outfitters.....

But I still write these lists, and make valiant efforts to stick to them. Publishing this one after The 100 will actually be a good way to keep myself on track.

1- Continue waking up early until its an effortless habit
2- Drink 60 to 64 oz of water a day, cleanse or no cleanse
3- Take time to center myself and my thoughts
4- Sing more
5- Meatless two days a week  at least
6- Keep track of how much and how I spend $$
7- Clear up outstanding bills I've been ignoring
8- Find a way to get the rest of my stuff out of J's apt already!!! (AKA reduce my dependency on others that weaken my self-actualization)
9- Eat more whole grains
10- Develop and stick to a workable, pleasurable hair care regimen
11- Keep finding jobs to apply for and uplifting programs to participate in

Happy Self-Care!

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