Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 4: Identify Your Values

Ok. I am up early, raring to go, I even took the time to write in the journal, go to the HBW blog, post my comment and read others! That is a lot before nine a.m.! Somehow I cannot see the fruits of my labor in the comment area, so I will just transcribe from my journal instead...

This list (lists, I LIVE by lists!) will be pared down to the top ten, but I just wrote freely as they came to me.

Being financially solvent, seeing myself, my mother and my sisters out of poverty and debt; travel the world, lessen my Western/American footprint in said world; meaningfulness; LOVE without domination; LOVE with accountability; good relationships/communication with my sisters, father, and (who am I kidding) Mom; healty living; no fear of my own authority and agency; my own home; independence; adventure; quiet solitude when I need/want it; a TRUE MATE; connection to and an understanding with nature; public service; strong friendships; published, successful writing; challengin my physical capacity; educating youth and those in crisis; learning and perfecting/being comfortable with/in another language; teaching English or whatever I can impart to others; own some land; fulfilling work and agendas.

And then, when I was reading other posted comments on HBW blog, two women mentioned sexuality. I was refreshed because a lot of the spirituality/God posts were prominent on the list, but I only noticed two instances of that particular line item. If that is not a stiriking commentary on where "we" place the importance of that aspect of ourselves, then I don't know what else to say.

I was heartened by it though, because I saw in myself how it passed my brain, but I self-edited and decided not to put "that" there. My good friend Sacred invited me to her end-of-year presentation/performance a week ago, and it is still resonating with me the vital connection to spiritual health many need to make in relation to the state of their sexuality. We all have so many issues to roll around with when it comes to with whom, when, how, why, and who else makes love. As I said on my mysteriously invisible comment on HBW, God made our flesh as well as our souls. So what are we then, if we ignore/deny/purge that essence of ourselves? Even the nuns and monks have a place for addressing and assessing their sexuality (or compartmentalization of it), I imagine....

Either way, I was very excited to create another list, and hold myself accountable by putting it in this medium.
Happy Black Woman Day 4: Identify Your Values

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  1. Congrats on the 31 day challenge keep up the good work.