Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 11: Dear Lizard Brain...

Whoa this day was made for me!
Nice to know I'm not the only one fighting strange reptiles day in and day out... although that might just be the codeine talking...

Dear Lizard Brain,

What is your deal? You are making me a crazy person with the chorus of "no"!. My prime directive is to sing, teach, to write and to fly, and you insist on rubbing your sluggish scales across me! I am gifted these days of recovery to reflect and to catch up, but you would have me squander this time, fighting the painkiller fog, instead up at the crack of dawn to beat myself into a plan of action. All you want to do is gripe about expense! Dammit, I will sell this shit that is cramping my life, I will find a side gig, or a permanent transition, SO HELP ME!

I felt discouraged when barely anyone showed up to my backyard sale last Saturday, even though I called people, texted, made a facebook event page, even posted on craigslist! But I will do it again. I will not ne bogged down, I will push forward!

I am not going to give you the satisfaction of having me wallow in my stuff, hot and bothered and unfulfilled.

No way, no how!
Day 11: Write a Letter to Your Lizard Brain


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  2. Proud of you girl, you made it this far! Keep going, I am excited for the your fighting spirit. It's rising, I think it's time for Nzinga to take up residence!

    Je'tim mon amie ( did I get that right?)
    Lady Littlefoot