Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 9: Do One Thing...

One thing, like the One Ring to Rule Them All. The one thing that always freezes me in fear and indecision, not knowing where to start for fear of looking like an ignoramus; a chorus of no, not enough in my ears like moqsuitoes draining my positive energy.

Something you've been procrastinating on for a long time
Something that inspires you
Something that terrifies you

Handling my $$, or my virtual market value perception of my $$, anyway... I can't afford investment advice, and reading all the books in the world doesn't spell it out enough in plain English!

It just looks like it's dwindling away and not growing, and why should I keep putting my hard-earned pennies into something whos eflame is barely keeping me warm???


Okay breathe.... I called the Brokerage Firm, I played dumb and had them explain to me yet again why I should keep my moderate growth account open and not roll into a ROTH IRA, but actually POUR MORE $$ into this little nest egg.... am I crazy?! Can I really afford this commitment? How do I even know if I'm diversifying enough (what the HELL is diverse, anway?)? What difference is this from life insurance which I cashed in when I was unemployed anyway? Where are the websites or people willing to guide me through these hurdles like the Master's Degree Artistic Baby that I am?!?

Are there greener, more socially rewarding versions of the Brokerage Firm that I could feel proud of lending my $$ to?

There is just too much information and not enough at the same time, but I'm 30 and I'm not going to be a poor landless spinster, dammit!


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