Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 8: Reset, Reflect, Comment

The Day 7 challenge was fun, creating a colorful lifemap that helps to add a visual representation of all the areas of my life that are important to me, and how I want to affect positive change in each one. I realized that I do, indeed, want to incorporate more gardening and food-based workshops and activities in my life. Didn't quite get the spring/summer garden going like I wanted to, but there's still time to plan for fall!

I also identified the need to see my sister and my niece soon. I don't like that they are so far away and I don't get to hold Little A and have her stare at me with her unnervingly calm demeanor! She's singing and talking and I need to inject my auditory influence on her! It's a no-brainer that I need a new job, but what I really want is an apprenticeship (paid of course), something that I can foster a new skillset while developing confidence in a field or area of focused creative development. I am sick of these do-as-you're-told jobs that drain my spirit and my resolve to do better with myself.

Day 8: Reset Reflect, Connect...

The most important thing I learned about myself this week was that I do have resolve and will fight for my life!

My favorite exercise was the lifemap, as mentioned above. It added a visual element with the colors and pattern, which inspired more ideas in every category.

The exercise I struggled witht the most was the Personal Mission Statement. I still don't know if I did that one correctly... It was hard hard for me to put down such a serious-minded written commitment without feeling bound to it in all its deterministic contractual presentation. It's as if I don't have the right to write one if I don't have a clear enough picture of my mission, so it ends up being this ramble instead of a clear consice statement. I see that is something I will have to keep working on. Happy Black Woman Day 8

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