Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 22: Start A Side Hustle

Ooooh sookie sookie now! This one has been in the back of my head for a minute, and I just have been to scared, to unfocused or two clueless as to how to get a side hustle lift-off. I pulled out all of my beading tools to craft some earring for my friend's wedding, and it slowed down after the heat started creeping up. Prior to that, I was furiously looking for a tutoring gig, only to discover that many agencies require that one be a certified teacher or in the realm of a substitute, where all I have is one summer as a camp educator ten years ago... but I really do want to do something in literacy, whether its kids after school or its adults in their spare time, or even better, studying for citizenship exams or something. Just the thought of being a private tutor makes me salivate. I think I could be really good with the one-on-one for starters. But I also want to step up my freelancing game, or even venture into  print editing.

Guess it's time again to bulk up on my reading and research!
Happy Black Woman's Side Hustle

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