Thursday, July 5, 2012

Love Letter Day 3: Dear Future Me...

Congrats on all your progress you made thus far!
You can truly say that now you have more to be thankful for in every area of your life. You have taken up the gauntlet, and flexed your arm to learn its weight, now you are becoming keen on swinging it to your greatest capacity. Aim high and well, my dear!

In Lifestyle: I love how you have made the decision to separate yourself from the stuff that has cloaked you these long years, that you can step away from it and its claim on your identity.
In Work: I love how you are not staying stuck, that you are drumming up a more determined spirit in what you do now, while simultaneously reaching far and wide to purpose your next move.
In Education: I love that you are willing to take the challenge to learn another language, and take on another certification process, and that you are taking protracted steps to inform yourself about great opportunities in learning, teaching and doing!
In Finances: I love that you see where you need to improve and that you have made significant effort to stay solvent. Keep looking for opportunities to save, to earn and to reconcile! Don't let fear and despair drain your pocketbook!
In Health: I love that you make a great effort to excercise, and seek out programs and friends that support a healthy balanced lifestyle. I applaud your self-awareness in your quest for a stress-free healthy lifestyle and look forward to more happy discoveries on this journey.
In Family: I love that even when you feel aggravated by Mom, you find a small way to apologize for the sharp tongue, that you choose wisely when to not say and when to say something, and that you can recognize your relations as fallible human beings, for it is this that allows them to recognize your own fallibility.
In Relationships: I love that you are bravely living as a single woman, fearlessly taking many steps alone and warming your own shoulders with your own loving arms. Keep doing that. And don't forget to enjoy Joan Anderson's A Weekend to Change Your Life, since it shares great insights and arguments for a time for solitude.

Indeed, your life is so much better now and it's all because of your hard work. Keep it up, girl!



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