Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lost in Breuckelen.. Tales of Adventure Chapter 1

So what have I been up to, you ask? Being a busy little bee. Emphasis on the honey and other apiary products (more on this later). Since getting involved in the Democratic re-election campaign, FORWARD, I have met a lot of committed (and have spoken to many certifiably commitable) people. I have done more volunteering in September and October than all of last year or the last three years, I would imagine. And I have diversified! Not just this poignant political effort, but also with God's Love We Deliver, New York Cares and the Food Bank for New York City. Shout out to NYU's Recent Alumni Network's Community Service sub-committee for gently leading me on to a kinder, more gracious version of myself!

One phrase that I have said for years now, and have really had an opportunity to test the hypothesis and validty of, is "Brooklyn is vast".  It is truly it's own city within the City of New York, having been incorporated in 1898 as a borough. Living in Canarsie has its own unique challenges. I'm at the end of the L line, the oft-weekend-maligned route, and perpendiculared by temperamental bus lines on Rockaway Parkway and Flatlands Avenue. It is a fully residential suburban-y style neighborhood for the most part, getting even more obscure the further away one gets from the bus lines. I have actually lost a bit of my soul trying to jog or even stroll to Canarsie Pier (haven't seen the place yet).  And since I am a Manhattan expat, driving is not on the horizon for me in any real capacity. Did get a car-share membership with DriveMint, but I 've not "borrowed" yet- I do have a year... Since this area has been taken over by a diverse percentage of Caribbean folks, there is no shortage of a beef patty in a three-mile radius. One is a little hard-pressed, however, to find kale or plain greek yogurt on foot...

In addition to the busy regional campaign schedule, my parallel foray into the inner circle of the New York City Pollworkers began last night with my spirited collegiate Barbadian instructor, Ernie. Apparently he taught Kool Moe Dee at SUNY Old Westbury in his previous life. I was made aware of the possibility of being assigned to a poll in Brighton Beach at five am until possibly midnight.... for $200. Can't wait to get on the bus/train/"dollar"-van....

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