Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Little Trees

Today Google informed us that Bob Ross would have been 70 today. I am ever grateful to be old enough to have at least seen the reruns of his art show that used to be on PBS channel 13. It was always a calming exercise in patience, watching this mild-mannered man with a bright red afro scratch-scratch away on his easel creating amazing painted scenes. It was definitely a meditative process. The phrase that came to represent my childhood's more pleasant memories, early intellectual exposures and strangely enough, a college redux that linked Bob to an evolving neo-hippie movement. I'm sure there are t-shirts somewhere with that expression and the more cheeky stoner references.

Its funny to have this come to light on The Day of The Storm. Hurricane Sandy is currently whopping the eastern seaboard, from South Carolina all the way up to Newfoundland, apparently. The wind outside is definitely not for happy little trees, though. The MTA shut down mass transit yesterday at 7pm and I am home with our visitors, J and little A. It's nice to have them extend their time here, because I haven't seen them since February. Little A is amazing and just 2 yrs old, and I love the intelligence level. Maybe someday I will get my hands on some video of those old painting episodes and have her explore the world of Bob Ross. Rest in peace and Happy Birthday, painter-man!

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  1. Oh Bob creating those Happy Little Trees was an exercise in patience and meditation.

    You know I never thought of the stoner reference until you mentioned it. I'm so oblivious sometimes.

    Miss you girlie.