Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Anniversary

I never thought that I would reach such momentous occasion. The 22nd anniversary of my venture into the world or journalling, journalism, list-making and poetry. Truth be told I still have my very first "published work", a pristinely preserved dot-matrix-bordered four-line printout of a once-upon-a-time I created in my 1st grade computer class. I actually can lean beack in a chair and recreate the bluescreen and the largeness of the computer and desk....

Some thing can never be taken away from you.

I also received my FutureMe letter from the 31 Day Reset Challenge, and I am happy to not be a disappointment to my past self. I have connected with my dearly beloved Accountbility Partner, cousin DADS, and she will impart her wisdom and tough love on me on Saturday.

In spite of the lethargy-inducing heat, I have worked my ass up and gone running more mornings than I thought possible (and will do again when the humidity stays down more often), and I even activated my monthly gym membership to put some quality time into a swimming pool. So far so good, although my aim is at least three days a week. My singing group is developing our repertoire for our October debut at a Pratt radio show, and I just ran into another music producer/DJ who is making me really consider my position as a musicmaker... a title that I never actually owned before.

And I will find my way out of this job, dammit! I will realize my dream of travel and exploration.

In general, I am at a place that is not so uncomfortable any more, and promises to generate even more sooner than I may think. I really believe a lot of the funk I was in was fear of the hardest first steps towards whatevergoal I may have. Facing my demons, being told something I don't want to hear from someone when I aleeady know it to be true, being told "no" one more time....

I will continue to be inspired by others, and take the baby steps towards these leaps of faith as they come.

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