Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On How to Not Get Boxed In

The true tenets of life dictate the clues by which one must meander, decipher and endure in order to keep on living in this plane of consciousness.  Here I am, again, sitting on the A train like a perennial bag lady schlepping more pieces of my life back to Brooklyn.

I went a step further today to excise myself from the island borough by completing the online DMV change of address/ID order. It actually hurts to separate from the 212, but I do appreciate many aspects of BK.  MA helped a lot on Friday night when we sweated to the oldies from the last decade, reminiscing  our highschool and undergrad frivolities. If I could have split myself, one of me would have been videotaping the whole debauchery.... videotape.... I don't think I will ever completely sever myself from the old language and culture of the 20th Century...

MA is my true dancing partner! Saturday night proved that yet again for me. Shouting out the love, my dear.

On the real, though, she really did help me to point out the enormous burden of stuff I needed pare down in this moving out/moving on process. I could almost really fantasize about stepping out with a suitcase and an assignment, not caring a whit about piles of forgotten yet deceptively "important" papers, books, knick-knacks. She talks about chopping off much of her gorgeous curly locks, and a part of me quakes in fear sweetened with jealousy. Will I ever have such a beautiful annoyance?

It's not flippant- when one considers my own thick bramble of natural hair that takes on a character not unlike the rainforests of our home country transmogrified in the sweltering NYC summertime- but the real benefit of going through the mental dissertation is the value of perspective. That right there binds friends tighter and straightens my spine to keep looking forward to my very immediate future.

I met with LushTongue on Wednesday and Sunday to make up for the past few weeks of my awol spirit and body. Singing really is therapeautic for me, and I do enjoy this new opportunity I've fallen into where I get to practice with like-minded women in song and artistic freedom (improv, original, cover, it's all good!). I am so much more interested and determined to shake off some of myself that keeps getting in my own way.

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  1. Ah Saturday night ... what a night. That is definitely one for the memory/record books. :-)

    One thing I will say about the hair, it grows back. Like every owner the hair is different in its's texture, it length how long it takes to get to a certain length etc etc. You are river's beginning of this hair journey, still figuring out the switchbacks, side lakes that go nowhere and deceptive currents. It will get to where you want it to be in due time.