Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Throwing Down (The Gauntlet)

"If you want him, come and claim him!" demanded the fierce and yet queenly graceful She-Elf Arwen, as her mare reared up on hind legs bearing the maiden and her charge. The three of them had stepped out into the swirling eddies of the River, and her sword raised in defiance while her left arm cradled the reigns and Frodo tightly.

There was no turning back now. Those Ringwraiths did advance. And she called up the spirits of that River to do battle against the abominations, as charging waterhorses swelling from the deep.

This is my re-interpretation of a film version of a captivating novel that I never tire of watching or reading, The Lord of The Rings, The Fellowship (to be specific).

Sometimes I feel like Arwen, in the zone, focused to a pinpoint, steady and with a surefooted sense of destiny and confident resolve. I am the mare as well, a beast of burden proud at my role and as natural as anything that may exist in my sense of reality. And I cannot be honest with myself if I don't identify with Frodo as well...

More on this later. The rain falls and I have already held back the floodgates once this afternoon.
Image credit: Pierre Vinet

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  1. LOTR is one of my favorites as well, along with The Hobbit. I rarely feel like Arwen, most times I'm Frodo with a huge burden and sometimes, sometimes I'm Samwise, The Brave. Faithful companion to the burden bearer.

    You have thrown down the gauntlet and I am accepting. Let us begin this epic journey :-)