Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumnal Musings

The Christmas-and-New-Year's-Conceived are celebrating their birthdays now, and apparently I know a lot of them (and their saucy celebratory parents)!
So much is going on right now, especially in lieu of my upcoming transition from aunt's couch to mother's not-so-spare room. I take it in stride, however, because a recent burst of creative inspiration a la Fashion Week has afforded me a slew of great pictures, business card contacts and blog connections.
I have to admit there have also been some horrible news revelations, inducing what I feel might be a turning point in our country's death penalty policy due to the case of Troy Davis (more on this later).
A chance visit to the local library afforded me a free addition to my burgeoning book reading/owning list, a collection of essays and argument by David Foster Wallace, A Supposedly Fun Thing I Will Never Do Again. What a writer! I know I am late in reading his works, especially when I only learned about him when I read about his short-sighted suicide. I now take it upon myself to read his works and come to grips with why he decided to leave the coven of intellectual writers so early.
I still find myself struggling with the pace I want to take with this blog: seriously human rights and law and order; intellectual debates; personal observations in style and fashion, or just an exercise in scoring and publicizing great writing regardless of the topic. I think I like highlighting and tackling whatever sparks my fancy or catches my radar, but there should still be some kind of coherent theme. And how honest and genuine must (can) one be when attempting to gain validity in the public? There is so much pressure to conform to blogger's continuity!
Well I think I have found my first lead that I am too excited to not drool rabidly about- American Apparel and Nancy Upton. She's brave, refreshing and innovative on so many fronts. We all need a shake-up from this size 12 lady! I will track her down, and interview her, so help me, Goddess!

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