Thursday, September 15, 2011

Putting Myself Out There

In the spirit of Putting Myself Out There, henceforth known as #PMOT, I inadvertently-yet-subconsciously took my vacation from work around Fashion Week. Well, the juiciest, most profitable end of it, anyway. I am here in the Teen Vogue Hautespot Lounge. I can't wait to review all the great photos I got this year and publicize my assessment. I feel like this year was a lot more open to the public, especially young fashionista, bloggers, wannabes and everyone in between. I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the Maybelline Allure lounge near the Empire Hotel getting to January and Leslie and the whole makeup gang. I will never be one to walk away from free makeup and exciting networking opportunities! It really reminded me why I am passionate about writing, recording, being a part of history in the making in my own eclectic way. If I can combine sartorial aspirations with meeting great and influential people (and possibly becoming a great influential person myself), then there I will be. I now have a PR firm's business card, a future event to be a part of and a few great shots, some of them with me in front, but mostly as an amateur photographer. The one thing that I have really learned from this week's experience is how many aspects of Fashion Week one can consider. There are the line-waiters, most of the time my primary perspective, where I join others on the outside waiting for a chance, a glimpse, a moment were I can belong and take part in whatever garners particular interest. Another angle is that of The Media; as a magazine journalist, doors can open for you during Fashion Week, even if you don't have a press pass, thanks to the online validation. And now I know about Blogger Breakfasts and Social Media Week, so its a matter of time before I find myself along the very same track that The Black Snob's Danielle Belton took. She is truly a hero of mine! Walking around with a couple cameras or a single stunning ensemble doesn't hurt either! The best things I have learned about this flurry of activity is drink lots of water, do you research ahead of time to plan your attack, whether its the Fashion's Night Out map or the schedule of designer shows at Lincoln Center, or just where the hottest fashion party will be...
Next thing to do is research Edith Head, Anna Wintour and Coco Chanel's auspicious beginnings.... and maybe sign up to take a mediation course towards a managerial track!

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