Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March NoMadness: Finding My Purpose Through Women's History Month's Prime Directive

So the winter is finally loosening its grip in New York City, however minutely.
To be completely honest, I can attribute all of these mad ideas and objectives to a certain fateful epic roadtrip in mid-February, and my #shenanigans partner, @MicklaLittlefoot. This is all her fault and for that, I thank you, love!

Having joined the Nomadness Travel Tribe (at least the first hurdle) and purposed in my heart that this is the year for my writing and traveling to take off towards a new career, things are surprisingly taking shape. One of my scariest hang-ups has always been prioritizing my debt and other financial obligations, to the point of feeling paralyzed and shaking in a ball in the corner.

Not this year, dammit!

Wherever I can cut corners, carve new paths and make new opportunities to earn points, $$, favors, connections, accolades, and sponsorships, I'm open and searching!
It is overall a more positive outlook, as I aim to streamline the content and direction of this blog.

My mission still involves singing, teaching flying, and, of course, writing. I yearn to blaze a trail my grandmother embarked upon flying to England from South America in the 60s, then to Louisiana, Toronto, Washington D.C., for her children, but, ultimately to do better for herself, by way of helping others.

As I become more acclimatized to the Twitterverse and Instagram, I begin to understand how this technology is really addictive and full of possibilities for great connections. I am joining the bandwagon/bus ride/#RyanAir #cheapticket, lol! Hit me up people, I will travel for work, will work for travel!

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