Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Putting One's Ear to the Ground

On Saturday Sept 15th I embarked on my first campaigning trip to PA. I hopped on a free bus that loaded up 120 people and drove us to West Philadelphia, a "battleground border state". The voter registration is of paramount importance to boost citizen response to the atrocious campaigning tactics of the other side, and to rally the sense of solidarity in this country that we need to re-engage the masses out of a cynical view of the state of America Today.

The most heartening things was walking around the university neighborhood of UPenn and coming across so many young women and men of varying backgrounds that were fired up and ready to vote again or FOR THE FIRST TIME for President Obama! To me, it means that they have been paying attention these last four years, and are already thinking for themselves beyond the hype of the media.

And then I saw this picture today on msnbc...
New US citizens Pledge Allegiance in front of 225-year-old Constitution

And another thought occurred to me, how it will be that much harder for the Republicans and extremist factions to engender policies serving a minority population when more and more of the country is BROWN. Legal, voting, stakeholders of a darker hue than even the forefathers could have predicted.

Somebody better recognize!

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