Tuesday, August 9, 2016

In The Heat Of The Moment: Anniversary Post

So today marks my 26th year as a diarist/chronic writer, what-have-you. I blame/credit Harriet The Spy, Judy Blume, The Baby-Sitter's Club, and even Anne Frank (may her soul rest in power). So began my journey into the world of private thoughts becoming public. I was ahead of the curve, as were many eight-year-old girls; waaaaay before Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, it was the black and white Composition Notebook and a school assignment that got me hip to the game!

Being a writer of thoughts, a learner of words and a contributor to languages is a great honor and privilege that I am grateful has never left me. I've had some serious writer's block and several moments of doubt and indecisiveness, but I feel blessed to have reached this point, really.

I am excited about where this development will take me, because so far I've been to Australia, Switzerland, Guatemala, California, The South American Jungle (and River Systems), and even survived countless Greyhound rides, lol! My #2016yearoftravel is far from over, and I will certainly continue to take you all with me, beyond this year!

So this August, I've decided, rather suddenly, to reward others for their support and commitment as my readers, my friends, and my present and future collaborators. Quizzes and gifts are in order, so stay tuned and keep reading!

I've done a few things I'd consider "big", but bigger and better is coming. Smarter and more focused is in the works. Unapologetic is already here.

Happy Anniversary to me (and to You)!

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