Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oscuridad... La noche

La notte e silenziosa e nel suo silenzio si nascondono i sogni- Italiano

La noche es callada y en su silencio se ocultan los suenos- Espanol

La nuit est silencieuse et dans son silence se cachent les reves.- Francais

Die Nacht ist stillund ih ihrer Stille verbergen sich die Traume- Deutsche

The night is silent, and in its silence, dreams are hidden.

Kahlil Gibran

In Spanish, the verb ocultar is defined, "to hide; to conceal from". It also includes to keep from, as in dishonesty by omission; to keep back what ought to be said; to cloak; to disguise;

Shrouded in mystery... se me oculta la razon (the reason is a mystery to me)

Why does this word fascinate me right now?

To tell the truth, I came upon it a couple days ago when I passionately undressed a Baci Perugina Dark Chocolate Hazelnut wrapper. This particular chocolate always has a delicate yet profound message underneath the foil in five languages. Kind of like a Chinese fortune cookie, but more contemplative.

Since I am a fan of Kahlil Gibran's writings, it was refreshing to see the quotation, and even more entertaining to test my language translation skills.

The funniest coincidence is that this was the second day after the General Petraeus Affair Debacle surfaced in the media, so I was treated with a direct true-to-life application of this ancient observation and its many off-shoots.

Petraeus' name, once probably held in high esteem among many, is now being summarily dragged through the mud from not only his own public admission and resignation, but also in the inevitable fallout as it continues to unfold. I can't help but feel the sad irony of the whole thing, where national security concerns have to be brought into play aside the current occupational impropriety.

So... how to maintain political transparency in such an explosive climate? Only time will tell.

Emeli Sande had a few lines on a similar subject...

Easier In Bed lyrics
I'm feeling like a hole in your head
Like the last thing in the world that you need
Time to go but we hold on instead
Close our eyes and we make believe

It's hard, hard to fake it baby
Hard to endure it baby
This don't feel like love anymore
Hard, hard to take it baby
Hard, hard to face it baby
It's getting harder to ignore

But it's easier in bed
Easier in bed
At night-time we pretend
Cos it's easier in bed


  1. Does the word "Occult" have any relation to "Ocultar?" I can't help but think it does, since they both deal with darkness.

    I may have to add this Ghibran quote to my list of quotables. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I am sure the words have similar roots and meanings. You know Latin.... I am happy to have inspired you Littlefoot!