Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Day in Crematoria

There are a few valuable things I've learned in the past four days of this seemingly interminable heatwave. One, the local library (or in my case, Brooklyn Central) is a brilliant oasis (with very favorable 7-day hours of operation), further strengthening my resolve to have and maintain my own library in the future. Two, a well-timed run through a hydrant is a fine afternoon activity, with many hours of pleasant cooling off. Similarly, the skill the human body has in detecting the subtle changes in temperature affords the discerning sufferer a multitude of relief when comparing Friday afternoon's humid breeze to Saturday's less humid breeze. Three, always start the days' adventures early! Especially when it means one might have to take three buses from Brooklyn to Long Island City to some far flung warehouse to a highly popular yet possibly unknown reward, but must face the threat of Crematoria itself while awaiting for the fun inside said warehouse to begin.

Oh, and always carry the aluminum water bottle!


  1. Ok, I'm going to pick on you for leaving the stories unfinished!

  2. That was all I had at the time! My poor fingers were sweating from the effort to type. FYI, the bust adventure was to the Housing Works nonpofit thrift store warehouse, where on special schedule you can buy a paper bag for $25 and stuff it with as much clothes and whatever else you find there. Mind you, the warehouse ia a GIANT PILE, with people everywhere crawling over it like hipster seagulls!